Case Study — Apple, Inc.

The Scope

As a global technology leader Apple needed to acknowledge and reward it’s employees and top sales people in a way that also matched and exemplified the value it brings to it’s customers around the world. This also included the edification of the employees families who added strength through their added support. Many people are part of Apple’s success, including the families of the people who work there. 

The Objective

To create an awareness of loyalty, legend and legacy in a romantic setting and exotic local through branding, story and inspirational company culture.

The Solution

The Apple employees and their families were flown to Peru for a gala event at the Incan pyramids in Machu Picchu.

The theme for the event was “Legacy.” Through story, verse, music and graphical elements… an atmosphere of elegant and mysterious wonder was created. Many collateral pieces were produced such as menus, itineraries and posters… all with the same theme and branding. Questionnaires were set on the event tables asking for family legacy stories as well as feedback.

A series of digital illustrations was created which were output onto giant 30″ transparent slides. These were, in turn, put into a very large projector and projected up 60′ onto the side of the pyramids while music played from a live orchestra.

The illustrations tell of a story of an ancient Incan ritual of legacy and light. The illustrations had to be produced in a CAD program as to not be blurry when blown up, however, a feeling of the softness of a painting was needed which required a hybrid approach for drawing them. After the story was told, a multi-sensory laser light show, interspersed with the employees family photos, was also projected onto the pyramids.

After the event the questionnaires were collected and a memoranda book was produced showcasing the family members of the employees and sent to everyone back home. The feedback from the questionnaires, which was overwhelmingly positive, was implemented. The following year the template for the event was recreated with a new theme at the Louvre in Paris, France.

You have to move people to move business… this also includes the people around you, your clients, your prospects, your family, friends and employees.

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