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The Award Winning Design, Illustration and Creative Studio of Stan Holden

Do you have the resources to maximize your creative efforts for your clients or your own marketing needs? We have the prescription for what ails you, saving you time, money, and providing you with a source of fresh new ideas. As a major resource for advertising agencies, design studios, PR firms, multimedia companies, trade show houses, human resource departments, consulting firms, and many client direct companies, we provide imaginative business oriented corporate design, illustration and animation. With our experience, creativity and all around congeniality, you’d be crazy not to call The LooneyBin… We’re committed, and you should be too!

Stan Holden’s work for Apple has been displayed at the Louvre in Paris France, projected onto the sides of the Mayan pyramids in Machu Picchu, Peru and the Corinth Canals of Greece.

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