Three areas that are all related…

Working professionally, even before graduating high school, Stan has accumulated a vast amount of experience in 3 different areas that can help grow your business and your life.

Sales and Human Resources

Sales and HR are much more related than you may think. Both affect each other, and if you are doing it right both will flourish. But, if you are doing it wrong, one can take down the other. Creating internal communications, marketing and human resources campaigns for many Fortune 100 companies taught Stan a very important lesson… YOU HAVE TO MOVE PEOPLE TO MOVE BUSINESS… your clients, customers and prospects, as well as your employees! This is the basis for Stan’s book Giving Candy To Strangers.

Creative Direction

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. Many people don’t realize that they have two brands they show to the world—a personal and a professional—or if you are a corporation, an internal (employee morale) and an external (marketing and advertising). How you communicate through these is very important. Do you need a tuneup with your marketing communications?


Have you ever been told, “You should write a book!”? Whether you are an individual or a corporation, a book is a fantastic way to build a legacy, communicate your philosophy, create a glorified resume, heal, or market your business! Having done all of that, Stan can help you with starting your own book.

Need a cover for your book?