Need an innovative creative facilitator to inspire, train and motivate your employees or distributors at your next company event or meeting?

Stan has been a creative director and cartoonist for most of his career— working professionally since the young age of 11 when his work was first published in a national magazine. Eventually creating internal marketing, human resources design and employee campaigns that bolstered employee morale and sales for Fortune 100 companies—such as Disney, Pioneer, Toshiba and Apple to name a few—became Stan’s niche.

His work has been inducted into The Museum of Television & Radio and his work for Apple has been projected 80-feet onto the sides of Incan Pyramids in Peru and the Louvre in France. Learning how to design effective HR communications enabled Stan to hone the craft of communicating in fun and friendly ways— whether to large groups or individuals.

A tragic event from his childhood became the catalyst for his passion to help others connect and do business more effectively. Through the economic downturn, with this thought in mind, Stan diversified to create new income avenues through sales. By applying the lessons he learned from his communications design career to the field of sales management, Stan has built an international sales organization of over three-million people that includes celebrities and foreign presidents.

Stan will teach you how to apply this craft to raising your bottom line, employee morale and customer experience.

Along the way, Stan has appeared on PBS’s The American Health Journal, on nationally syndicated radio and contributed to several editions of Chicken Soup For The Soul. His best-seller, Growing Your Business Can Be As Fun & Easy As… Giving Candy To Strangers has received international critical acclaim and glowing endorsements from leaders and celebrities. With wit and wisdom, the book teaches the power of creating non-agenda heart-centered relationships and the importance of counterintuitive thinking in your business.

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