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“Uncommonly helpful…A heart transplant in a book…to be lived and not just read! It will make your life smile!” A critically acclaimed book for anyone who deals with people.

Foreword by Kevin Sorbo

Kevin“Stan became a fast friend a few years ago. I found his energy, humor, and honesty refreshing. He was already applying and perfecting the message you will learn in “Giving Candy To Strangers.” This is a must read for anyone wanting to expand their business (and personal) relationships.”
— Kevin Sorbo, TV u0026amp; film actor, u0026amp; business owner

Jerry“In the 1950’s life was much simpler. In today’s culture of hustle and bustle, Stan’s message in Giving Candy To Strangers is a welcome and thought provoking way to grow your business and enhance your life while having fun at the same time. Please read it, practice it and share it!”
— Jerry Mathers, actor – Leave It To Beaver

AmyNew“I love Stan’s heart-centered approach to sales. He approaches the world of business exactly the way we do at Chicken Soup for the Soul—building relationships, making new friends, and selling products that help people. It’s a strategy that works . . .  and lets you sleep well every night!”
— Amy Newmark, publisher, “Chicken Soup For The Soul”

TedMc“Stan Holden’s Giving Candy to Strangers is aimed at people in the “Business” world… however, this book is really for people looking to simply improve the business of their lives. It’s an easy fun read and every time you put it down you feel better about how to go about your life.  Stan has given great simplistic clarity on how to run your life… and your business while maintaining your soul.”
— Ted McGinley, actor – Married with Children, Happy Days, Love Boat

DougF“I have read over 2300 business books in the last 30 years. Giving Candy To Strangers is at the top of my list of books of it’s kind. It is amazing. Heartfelt – but targeted business tactics as well. Stan’s counter intuitive business message teach’s you to do business differently but powerfully, and with purpose. Brilliant!”
— Dr. Doug Firebaugh, Radio Host, Entrepreneur u0026amp; Author

OrrinW“Stan Holden models serving before deserving in every personal relationship and this has catapulted him to the highest echelons of business success. Fortunately, in his new book, Stan shares his friendship formulas with the rest of us. I am glad he did. I felt like highlighting every sentence, for every page was filled with entertaining stories packed with wisdom jewels that when applied will produce better results both personally and professionally.”
— Orrin Woodward, Guinness World Record Holder, NY Times Bestselling Author,  Inc. Magazine Top 20 Leader

GregIrwin“I love this book! Giving Candy to Strangers is more than just a lesson in business. It’s a book about how to represent yourself in order to be perceived as you wish to be perceived. It is a terrific perspective on not only business strategy but also life strategy based on one’s ability to develop good and descent character. Kudos to Stan Holden for providing such great insight to what is not taught within the “norm” of business school.”
— Greg Irwin, Lead AC Camera – Interstellar, American Hustle, Pearl Harbor, Spiderman, The Hangover, Furious Seven, Star Trek Beyond

DavidARWhite“All too often we tend to segregate our personal lives from our careers. If everyone practiced Stan’s advise in Giving Candy To Strangers, the world would be a better place… from a business and a people perspective.”
— David A.R. White, producer, founder and managing partner of Pureflix

RonBrown“I met Stan more than 5 years ago and we have been friends ever since. I liked his leadership and  way of doing business. I knew right away he would be a great quarterback for any team . . . now he is sharing his knowledge here . . . and everyone should read it!”
— Ron Brown, Olympic Gold Medalist, NFL star u0026amp; entrepreneur

LisaArnold“So many of our random connections are divine appointments. Our job is to be open to them, listen for the inspiration, . . . and let God bring into our lives the people who will . . . walk beside, believe in us and help us create what we are here for!  That is the heart of ‘Giving Candy to Strangers’!”
— Lisa Arnold, producer u0026amp; director, “God’s Not Dead” movie

Craig2“Helping others and making them laugh has been my life’s work. Stan refreshingly covers both of these bases in Giving Candy To Strangers!”
— Craig Shoemaker, comedian, writer, producer, “The Love Master”

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Giving Candy To Strangers

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